The Dichotomy of Head Scarves.

There was a fair amount of press on head scarves this past weekend. While visiting Saudi Arabia both Ivanka and Melania Trump did not wear a head scarf as most women in the kingdom are expected to do. And this garnered press because then citizen Donald Trump made a big todo about insulting the Saudis when President Barack and Michelle Obama visited a few years ago…when Michelle didn’t wear a head scarf. I wasn’t going to bring it up and it basically earned a shrug in the Blogging Blue editorial offices.

That is until, I got an email this afternoon from one of our regular readers wondering why Ivanka and Melania were wearing black veils at the Vatican…now although the Catholic Church no longer requires head coverings for women in their churches it apparently it is still the custom during visits with the pope. And yes Michelle Obama also wore a veil during her visit with the previous pope.

But I guess I have to agree with the letter writer (and many others in the internet): Why was it ok to ignore a rule in Saudi Arabia and then follow essentially the same rule at the Vatican?


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