Martha Laning re-elected and Khary Penebaker elected to DNC seat

At this weekend’s Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s state convention, incumbent party chair, Martha Laning was elected to a second two year term. Her ticket mate, Rep. David Bowen was re-elected to First Vice-Chair. Second Vice-Chair candidate from the BAM ticket, former State Rep. Mandela Barnes ran unopposed and was elected by acclimation on Friday night.

Milwaukee area businessman, Khary Penebaker was elected to the open Democratic National Committee seat. Mr. Penebaker just came off one of the most serious challenges to Republican US Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner this past November.

Congratulations to the new DPW officers. For more results and commentary, click here!


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3 thoughts on “Martha Laning re-elected and Khary Penebaker elected to DNC seat

  1. Getting 29% is a serious challenge? That’s the second lowest percentage against Sensenbrenner in the last 10 years!

    1. In an election cycle that saw a Trump and Johnson win with a third party in the race…I’ll take the effort!

  2. Now maybe the state Dems will attempt to do something positive and useful to regain a political following or to join already established progressive citizen action groupss on the front lines, whom the party has all but abandoned.

    For instance Martha and Company could file suit against the Scott Walker, June 1 signing of the unconstitutional taking of public ownership of the waters of our state, SB 76.

    Not holding my breath over this suggestion being taken up any time soon. We’ll undoubtedly get a few links to news stories we already read contained in Martha’s e-updates though, I’m sure.

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