Has the Democratic Party of Wisconsin reached “dumpster fire” status?

Just a little while ago I came across this tweet from FOX6 Milwaukee political reporter Theo Keith:

While I understand it’s a long time until the 2018 campaign really starts full swing, the fact that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has proven so inept at raising & managing its money bodes ill of Democrats’ chances of winning back some seats here in Wisconsin.

Is the current DPW leadership really the best Democrats can do? I doubt it, and I can’t help but to agree with former DPW spokesman Graeme Zielinski, who summed up this thoughts on the situation thusly:



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6 thoughts on “Has the Democratic Party of Wisconsin reached “dumpster fire” status?

  1. $36,000? Seems like they had more than that when they reported numbers at the convention last month.

    I’m sure a lot of people don’t trust the DPW and give directly to candidates (I’m in that group). But $36,000 total? Is this related to all those “organizers” Laning was referring to hiring?

  2. Follow the Sanders model, which offers policies that ordinary people can relate to, versus the typical DPW consultant-salespitch that enriches the consultants and the corporations.

    Thad Nation and Nation Consulting represent that neoliberal, Democratic Leadership Council crowd as he was a longtime spokesman for Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, longtime head of the DLC. That perspective has proven disastrous for Democrats.

    Democracy at all levels can work if not dominated by a choice between 2 Parties that both serve bad “for-the-people” interests.

  3. No, we have not.

    Rather, it seems to me we have reached a lynch mob status by some destroying our own.

    “United we stand, divided we fall.”

    1. My message recognizes that we have problems within, but the cure must not be corrosive. Rather,it must be collaborative and collegial.

  4. What’s the story with all the “allocable transfers”?
    DPW’s report shows $206k transferred to “DPW Federal Account” and another $102k to “DPW Unity Account.” Presumably that’s still $308k DPW has available to spend, right? It just doesn’t show up on the “cash balance” line. Obviously WIGOP raised more money, but is the “cash balance” really the indicator we should look at?

    Fun Fact: Just 10 families combined to give $1,651,000 to WIGOP so far in 2017. That’s 76% of their total haul. Leading the way was Diane Hendricks @ $500k, the Uihleins @ $500k, and the Shannons @ $250k

    1. Information we can use, many thanks for this needed brush with reality. Very Best.

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