This seems particularly fitting, given how the current ” Resistance ” led Russophobia meets or exceeds the fever of even the peak Cold War years. I can kill this one at karaoke night, BTW. Love singing it to rednecks. From Sir Paul McCartney’s concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, some ten years ago. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Thursday Music: Paul McCartney- Back in the USSR

  1. pplr says:

    Not sure if this is sarcasm or not. I admit not living through the bulk of the cold war but it seems harder to say paranoia is higher now than back then when people were doing missile drills in schools.

    More to the point. There are people who go off the deep end on the Russia thing. But many of those who do are decrying it as “fake” rather than Russia trying to mess with elections.

    Now I’m possibly surprised and pleased if Trump doesn’t turn into a Putin minion but I don’t forget that Russia does seem to be supporting some bad actors within other nations as well as trying to shape how their elections turn out.

    • Steve carlson says:


      One of America’s foremost Russia experts, NYU Professor Stephen Cohen, who has lived through the entirety of the Cold War, has said he’s never seen anything like the current demonization of Russia and Putin. And the venerable Noam Chomsky has written that the rest of the world is laughing at liberal America’s howling about alleged Russian election meddling, given our own extremely sordid and well documented history of outright overthrowing democratically elected leaders in countries around the world. I happen to agree with both of them. They’re both a lot smarter than I am.

      • pplr says:

        Smart people can be wrong and if he said its higher than during the cold war I’ll include him in that.

        People who lived through landing on the moon have claimed it was fake. So just because they lived through it doesn’t promise they will be right. It may make it less likely but doesn’t promise it.

        And yes the USA has helped overthrow democracies-often to replace democratically elected leaders with thugs and murderers. See Latin America for multiple examples.

        That said it doesn’t make propagandists and hackers working for Putin into honest people nor does it make Putin any less of a thief and collaborator in the stealing of Russian people’s wealth (at a national level down), nor does it mean that Putin himself doesn’t have blood on his hands.

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