What We Are Reading: 07/30/2017 Fox Con Edition

this first round is from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (aka JSOnline).

Foxconn supply chain could bring opportunities to Wisconsin businesses : The massive Foxconn factory planned for southeast Wisconsin could redefine the futures of hundreds of businesses in the region, including many that could be plugged into technologies not yet foreseen. Once the $10 billion plant opens — it’s projected to begin producing very high-definition LCD screens in 2020 — Taiwan-based Foxconn says it will make $4.26 billion in supplier purchases annually, about one-third of them within Wisconsin.

A blind proposal, a summons to Washington and a jet trip: Wisconsin’s drive to win Foxconn : The Milwaukee 7 regional economic development group received a “request for proposal,” forwarded by state officials, from a consultant for an unidentified company looking for a factory site. The few details provided were tantalizing — an investment of $150 million to $200 million that could create up to 2,000 jobs on an unusually large site, 750 acres. But it wasn’t anything to set off the all-hands-on-deck alarms. “We get these all the time,” said Jim Paetsch, vice president of corporate relocation, expansion and attraction for the Milwaukee 7. “… I wouldn’t say that this one stood out necessarily.”

Foxconn incentives could cost Wisconsin taxpayers :

Your take: Readers respond to Foxconn deal : On Wednesday, we asked readers what they thought of the deal state officials announced with the Taiwan manufacturer Foxconn to open a factory in southeastern Wisconsin to make flat-panel displays. Gov. Scott Walker wants to give Foxconn up to $3 billion in tax incentives, a package that is larger by a factor of 50 than any other in state history. For its part, Foxconn would agree to spend billions of dollars on the complex and hire at least 3,000 people initially and 13,000 over time.


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