Where Is The Outrage Over Election Hacking?

I don’t care if was the Russians or Chinese or North Koreans or the proverbial 400 pound boy in his mother’s basement. I don’t care what Robert Mueller finds or the Senate committee or the FBI.

Where is the outrage around something happening to our 2016 election cycle? Around hacking local election boards? Around hacking the companies that supply voting machines?

Where are the bills to fix the issue? To perform security hardening on our election commissions and vendors? The budget for research, for work, for remediation? It happened and ‘they’ are willing to let it happen again…


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4 thoughts on “Where Is The Outrage Over Election Hacking?

  1. Where was the outrage when the USA and CIA interfered with internal affairs of other nations?

    We have supported coups (Mosaddegh, for example) and selected and supported many vicious dictators…. We have killed many thousands of innocent people in our wars– still continuing today in Iraq…much easier now with drones and air power.

    Assassinations and attempted assassinations, sabotage, payoffs, secret arms trades, drugs, Kill List,— all routine activities.

    Where is the outrage?

  2. The outrage is there alright. It’s all over the streets, coffee shops, blogs – wherever politically-minded common citizens interact. Problem is, nobody in power is listening. A vast majority of the people with power to enact reforms owe their very positions to the corrupt system itself and have no desire to upset the apple cart.

    And no, the problem ain’t Russia. Or gerrymandering. Or suppression. It’s lots bigger and more nefarious than any of those distractions. Recommended reading:


  3. Regardless of if the problem is Russia, gerrymandering, or computers. The point is to fight against it. Its a long fight, don’t give it up because it’ll end up being worth fighting.

    As for the US and other nations, it isn’t ok for the US to overthrow democracies to support brutal dictators. Nor is it ok for dictators to undermine democracy in the USA. Going that road leads to oppression everywhere and freedom to none.

    Instead push for democracy at home, and if successful, that may lead to more of it abroad.

    1. BB writers need to become “Foo Fighters,” fighting foo (voluntarily) 24/7 for all of us apathetic Dems…

      The comments above should be explored by us and our media (thanks for taking a stand and posting them); this all examines reasons for GOP success.

      All this identity politics is a ruse to destroy any attention to economic inequality concerns, which has delivered us voting Dems to the sad state of affairs we now face.

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