Democrats Wanting To Behave Badly

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake has been a thorn in the side of the Trump regime…and drawing some very negative attention from the president. So Senator Flake is up for re-election in 2018 and President Donald Trump is pulling a not so nice move…generally party regulars and parties in general stay out of intraparty primaries. And of course because the senator’s stands have opposed the president and despite being a bona fide conservative, he’s not pure enough for the rightest wing of the GOP, so he’s drawn an opponent…one who got thoroughly beaten running against Senator John McCain…and of course the president had to go in and endorse her. Game ON!

That is news and certainly a little perplexing for the party faithful. But here’s where it gets weirder and the issue I have trouble with:

Democratic groups are also watching the contest and weighing whether to spend money quietly boosting Ward through the primary to produce a weaker general-election opponent. Several Democrats are considering running, including Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, a centrist who said she is “seriously considering” the race. Sinema has voted against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for speaker and who is the first openly bisexual person to be elected to Congress.

“We’re interested in winning. And we do what we need to in order to win,” said J.B. Poersch, president of the Democratic-aligned Senate Majority PAC, in an interview with The Post and McClatchy News that aired over the weekend on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers.”

A note to Democrats. If the GOP were doing this in a democratic primary, you’d all be screaming bloody murder about interference in party politics and corrupting the primary system. Stay the hell out of this race. Find your best candidate. Prime him/her on how to run an effective campaign. Provide professional and experienced campaign staff. Provide the funds needed. Run on a positive note! And stay out of the GOP primaries. We don’t belong there.


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