Rep Joel Kleefisch: Wisconsin Penny Ante Fellow Traveler

Ok, I’ve never heard of the 3 percenters. So I guess Wisconsin State Representative Joel Kleefisch hadn’t either…but before you speak to a group…wouldn’t you have someone in your office vet them? Isn’t that your job…and their job? Or did he actually know better and just flat out in Trump America not care. So the question here is, is Rep. Kleefisch a fellow traveler of an anti-government right wing group?

State Rep. Joel Kleefisch says he knew next to nothing about the Three Percenter movement when he recently agreed to speak to a local chapter of the fringe, anti-government group.

“I was asked to speak to a patriot group,” the veteran lawmaker said. “I spoke to a patriot group.”

But the Three Percenters are more than just a bunch of American patriots. The group has garnered attention in recent days when a man charged with trying to detonate a bomb in downtown Oklahoma City allied himself with the group.

On its website, the Three Percenter group pledges resistance to the U.S. government for infringing citizens’ constitutional rights, including their right to bear arms. Those in the loosely organized movement says they will act as “the last defense to protect the citizens of the United States if there ever comes a day when our government takes up arms against the American people.”

The name of the far-right group, which has chapters in all 50 states, comes from its mistaken belief that only 3% of the colonial population fought in the American Revolution.

The liberal Southern Poverty Law Center labels the Three Percenter movement an anti-government hate group.

Kleefisch said he was unaware of all this when he posted on Aug. 6 a picture of his recent meeting with a local Three Percenter group on his Facebook page.

Some in the photo are flashing an “OK” hand signal, with three extended fingers and the index finger and thumb forming a circle, apparently in reference to the group’s name, though others have suggested a more nefarious meaning when used by those in the white supremacist crowd.

Somebody is only using 3% of his brain…


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    1. You missed the point Bob. It’s the fact that Rep. Kleefisch is either too stupid or too lazy to do his job right…or worse yet…ok with alt right rhetoric and groups.

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