DACA Statement from President Donald J. Trump Annotated

The Washington Post provided an annotated version of the president’s statement on the repeal of DACA. Click here to find the document and a video of Attorney General Jeff Sessions looking about as smugly proud of himself as he can be.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was instituted under President Barack Obama in 2012. Under DACA, as it’s called, those who immigrated to the United States illegally as children could apply to work legally in the country. Hundreds of thousands did over the next few years. Polling shows that the program is broadly popular.

On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump administration would phase out DACA. In doing so, the White House released a statement from President Trump outlining the rationale for the decision. Below, that statement, with The Washington Post’s notes on individual posts annotated using Genius. Click yellow highlighted text for more information.


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3 thoughts on “DACA Statement from President Donald J. Trump Annotated

  1. I Gag! Upchuck! Puke! Vomit! Throw up! at the racist logic and actions of these two racists, Sessions and Trump.

    Oh, the racism of their inhumanity!

    1. I know you think that you’re making a big proclamation for all Democrats to savor, but no need to get sick on us low-paid, younger people that want to be a part of a positive future and be empowered to nurture a functional family.

      Instead of just saying “Oh, the humanity!”, why not be a part of something positive moving forward–it helps to be FOR something, instead of just kissing up to the powers that be…

      1. As a Catholic father of twelve children and 31 grand children,I strongly aupport a living and just wage for you and all Americans.

        We can’t blame DACA fcr low wages; rather it is the greed of some employers and their stockholders as well as those members of congress who only represent their business doners.

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