Health Care Take Away From Today’s Komen Run/Walk

Yes, I know, I only participated in this morning’s 5K WALK portion of the fund raising event for Susan G. Komen. What a wimp.

But here is one take away that I wanted to share from the pre-event announcements and speeches.

One third of breast cancer victims could be saved even without new medical advances. About 40,000 people die from breast cancer in the United States every year…needlessly…because we have the technology to save their lives.

So why do they die?

Because not every American has access to affordable health care. Over 13,000 Americans die of a treatable form of a deadly disease because we won’t provide healthcare to everyone who needs it. What is wrong with us?


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1 thought on “Health Care Take Away From Today’s Komen Run/Walk

  1. No, Ed, you’re not a wimp. Glad you particiated in the event. A “like” for you. But why should we ignore the complete contempt of reducing our U.S. budget discretionary spending, so that there’s no money from our U.S. government to use discretionary money (public tax dollars) to pay for education in our States. The military gets a blank check for what they want, I don’t feel threatened by Russia (Ukraine I do).

    The Senate just passed a huge giveaway to the military, leaving other needed U.S. expenses in the lurch. We pay for more than 800 bases across the globe, the CIA has a blank budget, yet we somehow can’t pay to finance college education, health care, infrastructure…

    This is the road to ruin, and why can’t Dems get behind a reversal of this sick pattern? Tammy, I am disappointed, and makes me question my faith.

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