Remember That Total Eclipse Back In August?

What an amazing thing. We all knew exactly when it would occur…and exactly at which time in each part of the country. We had maps to tell us where the totality was going to happen…millions of us travelled to those areas to enjoy the eclipse…and we had silly glasses to save our eyesight. And I couldn’t take the luxury to visit an area of totality, so I watched on my computer on the NASA websites. Why and how could this have been possible? SCIENCE!

Over the past few weeks we have watched in fear as two major hurricanes (so far) devastated major US cities and left people homeless or refugees in their own country. Yet we were forewarned and could evacuate or seek shelter or wait out the storm in hardened buildings or if all else failed await rescue by first responders. And when a hurricane changed direction…others could be forewarned and take protective actions as well. And despite the huge increase in population in coastal areas over the last century, fewer people died or suffered injuries than in the past. Why and how could this have been possible? SCIENCE!

So when these same scientists watch the water temperatures increase, watch the polar ice caps and ice packs melt, watch the seas rise and say mankind’s increased carbon emissions are at minimum contributing to these climactic changes if not totally at fault, why do our leaders say that’s impossible…SCIENCE must be wrong?


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3 thoughts on “Remember That Total Eclipse Back In August?

  1. Science is great. It’s why I don’t belong to the Flat Earth Society.

    If academics are owned by business, though, it does not nurture a true outcome in studying anything. Do we or do we not eat eggs for breakfast? Maybe cigarettes don’t promote good health. Climate change–just an anti-business conspiracy.

    Can’t we just have our government agencies function to protect the public as they were supposed to do? I don’t have much money, but learned unbought knowledge matters for us all to continue as a nation.

      1. I don’t know what happened to your comment. There are no unposted comments in the queue from you or anyone else.

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