Got My First Email From Gordon Hintz

Surprisingly he’s asking for money!


Hello. I wanted to drop a quick note and introduce myself. My name is Gordon and I’m so honored to be the new Minority Leader for Wisconsin’s Assembly Democrats. I’m ready and excited to work with you in the coming months and years as we get the Badger State back on track.

Like you, I’ve watched in horror as Republicans have dismantled everything that makes Wisconsin great. But together, we will set things right.

Republicans have let our infrastructure crumble & destroyed public transit investment
They’ve tarnished the Wisconsin Idea
They’ve refused to expand BadgerCare
They’ve made it harder for working people to vote
They’ve mortgaged our future by giving billions to an international corporation
And of course, they’ve created a rigged, gerrymandered map that has silenced the will of the voters

Reading this list, you might wonder how I can still be so excited about Wisconsin’s future. It’s simple.

Last week, the Supreme Court heard our case against the rigged map that Republicans created to divide and conquer our state. Listening to the arguments, it was clearer than ever that the Republicans don’t have a leg to stand on. The Republicans tried to argue that gerrymandering is fair — but it’s not! They tried to argue it’s good for Wisconsin — it isn’t!

They will lose this case and Wisconsin’s map will be redrawn to represent the will of the voters. THAT’S why I’m optimistic about the future.

Because as soon as that happens, Democrats are going to take back the state house and we are going to immediately get to work ensuring that Wisconsin is a better place for working families, not for big-money special-interests.

When we get a new (unrigged) map, we’re going to have to train new, passionate Democrats to work with us as we take back the state. Kick in $35 today to ensure we have the resources we need to get these candidates up-to-speed and ready for action.

The future belongs to us!


Minority Leader Gordon Hintz

Oshkosh, WI


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4 thoughts on “Got My First Email From Gordon Hintz

  1. So, politics has always required money to function. Duh! But, our parties for the last 30+ years have depended on big donors–whether the rich or corporations–to fund our elections.

    Democrats used to be the party of the people, and there’s a lot more people/voters out there than plutocrats! Why can’t our DPW get that through their thick skulls?

    I’m fine with donating money to Gordon Hintz; I’m no plutocrat. I’ll even go out knocking on doors for him if he continues to represent good POLICIES that move our State forward. That will win elections!

    Ed, you’ve become cynical, even to our new wave of progressive Democratic candidates.

    1. Yeah I am cynical. I get at least a dozen requests for money everyday. None of the emails are positive…they are all worded to scare me to death if I don’t contribute. And they apparently have sold my info hither and yon since I now get requests from North Dakota, Iowa and Colorado races. I want to hear from people, yes. About the positive things they are doing. I want to write about those things. But I am not feeling it…and as you can read I am all for new faces and young names getting into our elected offices. I just don’t want them doing the same old same old when they get there.

  2. You may agree with him on most things, but boy what a dim-wit hack…. You think they could have found someone with more finesse, more savvy, to move the party forward.

    1. The distiction here is that people/voters are better off donating $ directly to candidates of your choice, rather than just giving to the Party and trust them to use your money to advance your cause–I am no Party hack, and think that Dems would have a better chance of winning if they were given a real choice to get behind.

      “Finesse” and “savvy” are just empty platitudes, as we need to take on the GOP, rather than just try to make statements that fit into pop culture.

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