Vice President Mike Pence Leaves Colts versus 49ers Game

Supposedly because the San Francisco 49ers took a knee during the National Anthem. But question: look at this photo which I guess was taken during the National Anthem. Who’s the brass on the left who is just standing there. What exactly is ‘disrespecting’ the flag?

Editor’s Note: this is what I’ve been told by two people who have been in the military. When indoors and not wearing headgear, a member of the military is expected to stand at attention while the National Anthem is being played. If outdoors and wearing headgear, they are supposed to salute. So this photo is accurate and makes sense given those rules. But it has got to be awkward for military personnel when standing with civilians.


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2 thoughts on “Vice President Mike Pence Leaves Colts versus 49ers Game

  1. Even better, Pence left to to attend a GOP fundraiser in LA tonight. So he lied about why he left the game, in addition to cynically trying to stir up fake-triot rubes.

    Oh, and Pence took a page out of the Scott Walker school by tweeting out a 2014 picture of himself in a Colts hat and jersey, instead of his real picture today. Walker pulls that fake stock footage BS all the time to try to imitate a “normal guy” to dimwitted Wisconsinite’s

    So sick of the cynicism.

  2. Long ago, after many silences or excuses by Pence at Trump’s extreme responses, I concluded our Vice Prsident was a “but boy” both in an immoral sense and a physical enabling.

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