Dennis Degenhardt for State Assembly!

This totally missed my radar. I didn’t realize the special election to replace the late Bob Gannon in Wisconsin Assembly District 58 was coming up quite so soon…but it’s basically a month away on January 16th 2018. And I am particularly penitent that I missed that fact that there is a Democrat running for the seat.

Meet Dennis D Degenhardt!

As the President and CEO of Washington County’s credit union, Glacier Hills, I grew our credit union by 285% and doubled our membership by helping our members meet their financial needs. I understands the problems and challenges everyday people face, living paycheck to paycheck.

Currently I serve as the President of the Washington County Campus Foundation where we award more than $150,000 in scholarships every year to deserving students who are trying to better themselves before they enter the workforce.

I haven’t had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Degenhardt yet but please visit his website linked about or his Facebook page linked here!

Dennis’s Priorities for Wisconsin

Ensuring every Wisconsinite has the right to affordable healthcare

Creating family sustaining jobs with increased wages and improved benefits

Increasing public school funding because our children are our future, not a profit center

Demonstrating real fiscal responsibility by investing in Wisconsin, not phony fiscal “conservatism”

Repairing and maintaining infrastructure with current revenue, not increased debt and more delays

Revising and repairing the doomed Foxconn deal before it gets worse for taxpayers


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