Trump’s Take on 2017!

Not a bad year
Under President Donald J. Trump, nearly 1.7 million new jobs have been created.

159,000 jobs have been added in the manufacturing industry.

Another 57,000 have been created in mining and logging.

The unemployment rate is its lowest in nearly 17 years.

And GDP growth topped 3 percent the past two quarters—after zero such quarters in 2016.

The bottom line is that while the media largely ignores it, America’s economy is firing on all cylinders. More growth means more of our citizens are able to afford their own homes, send their kids to college, and save for their retirements.

Under President Trump, Americans are getting back to work. Take a look for yourself.

What tax reform is all about
Tax cuts are an early centerpiece of what President Trump promised to do once elected: Run a government that’s more accountable, more democratic, and less eager to line its pockets with tax money from working families and small businesses.

In addition to tax relief for individuals, this bill is about restoring America’s economic dominance by putting U.S. companies on a level playing field with foreign competitors.

Read how the Tax Cuts Act will put America first.


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1 thought on “Trump’s Take on 2017!

  1. I’m doing all right now…and before with different administrations.

    The Trump Ministry of Propaganda may ring true for some, including me, but it ignores the continuing numbers still unemployed, or those earning minimum wages unable to provide adequate housing or needed medical care. The large ghetto population of many cities remains untouched by the Trump prosperity. Even many small towns will continue to wither during all this prosperity (for some).

    My medicare is great– too bad there isn’t Medicare for all from your first breath to your last. Paul Ryan will fix it all by ending “entitlements” and letting the “free-market” take over. But isn’t that why Social Security, Medicare, and Affordible-Care-Act came about?– because the “free-market” doesn’t work.

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