So What Exactly Is Energy Independence?

Months ago they were telling us we needed to build the Keystone XL pipeline to insure American energy independence…despite the fact the oil comes from Canada and will be piped to the gulf coast…and exported once refined.

Now we need to shrink the Bears Ear National Monument declared by President Obama so the land can be mined for uranium because, you know, energy independence. If that’s true why the hell is the major mining company involved CANADIAN?

And an examination of local B.L.M. records, including those not yet entered into the agency’s land and mineral use authorizations database, shows that about a third of the claims are linked to Energy Fuels, a Canadian uranium producer. Energy Fuels also owns the Grand Canyon mine, where groundwater has already flooded the main shaft.

Energy Fuels, together with other mining groups, lobbied extensively for a reduction of Bears Ears, preparing maps that marked the areas it wanted removed from the monument and distributing them during a visit to the monument by Mr. Zinke (Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke) in May.


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