Donald Trump: Methinks thou dost protest too much!

No Collusion! No Obstruction! Witch Hunt!

The president’s three favorite comments around the Russian probe being conducted by Robert Mueller. Wouldn’t it be cool if the president just stopped acting so…well…guilty?

A rotation of high powered and big name attorneys have turned him down or walked away. Only the questionable Rudy Giuliani is willing to step into the breach.

Threats and grumblings around firing Robert Mueller or Rod Rosenstein or Jeff Sessions and then backing off and then restarting the circle again.

Stating that the investigation is distracting his administration (meaning the president) from governing.

And now saying that the raid on his attorney, Michael Cohen, was an attack on America and now concerned that Cohen will ‘flip’ on the president. Why would he ‘flip’ if there is nothing to ‘flip’ about?

Really, why the continued hostility and concerns (and why in public) if there is nothing to see here? If you aren’t guilty…just sit back…take on the role of running the government and let the witch hunt run its course. Really…that’s all you have to do.

Want someone to emulate? May I suggest Jeff Bezos? You twittered and tweeted about him and Amazon for days…and he never took the bait. He just did what he does…run his empire. That’s how it’s done!


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