Paul Ryan Open Thread

Well almost an open thread…but I really would like your thoughts on his decision to not run for re-election, what you think will happen in the First District, and where is Paul heading next?

Paul Ryan is abandoning the ship before it sinks!

One can hardly imagine a more obvious signal that Ryan fears the prospect, if not of losing his own seat, than of losing the majority and hence his speakership. In the past, speakers — understanding the demoralizing impact that premature white-flag-waving would have on their troops — had the good sense to wait until after the election to announce that they would exit the leadership of their party. Ryan’s move has several consequences.

Paul Ryan Upends Republican Hopes and Plans for Midterm Elections.

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s retirement announcement on Wednesday blindsided many House Republican candidates and their campaign leaders who were counting on him to lead them to victory in the November midterm elections. His decision to leave Congress at 48 sent an undeniably pessimistic message to Republicans: that stable, steady leadership is lacking in their deeply divided party as they head into a campaign season defined by the whims of President Trump.

Mr. Ryan’s exit is a destabilizing blow to Republicans’ 2018 plans on nearly every front. The one-time Republican vice-presidential nominee has been the party’s most important fund-raiser in the House, attending fund-raisers nearly every night he is in Washington and raising more than $54 million so far for this election. In contrast to a president who embraces chaos, Mr. Ryan has also been a reassuring figure for the business community and a source of perceived stability for restless lawmakers pondering retirement.


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3 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Open Thread

  1. For me, Cathy Myers would be my first choice for the Democratic candidate.

    It appears that money talks…forget about issues and qualifications. Randy Bryce has garnered the $$$’s which is a huge advantage. Will he debate Cathy Myers? She has challenged him to six debates in the district to give the voters a better opportunity to see who can best address the critical issues.

  2. Randy Bryce, blue collar worker, for Congress. ‘Nuff said. But let me add one more thing. I have worked with Randy on several building projects. Randy, a smart hard working Ironworker. Me, a heavy equipment operator. Randy lives and works the middleclass life.

  3. Paul Ryan stepped down to try to avoid being the poster child for dismantling Social Security and Medicare in every Congressional Election across the country.

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