I never had much hope for a successful United States / North Korean summit meeting but I did expect it to at least occur because both potential participants crave the symbolism behind the photo ops.

But today President Trump cancelled the scheduled June 12th summit set in Singapore. Why? Well because.

President Trump on Thursday canceled a planned summit next month with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, citing “tremendous anger and open hostility” from the rogue nation in a letter explaining his abrupt decision.

But the president is blaming Mr. Kim for the anger and hostility…when in fact that is simply a quite normal response to the continued threats of regime change in North Korea if the negotiations weren’t successful. That plays straight into the basest fears held by the North Korean dictator. What would you expect him to do? He’s a dictator. He’s afraid to lose his throne. And President Trump’s only negotiation strategy is to bully his opponent until he capitulates. It might work in real estate but it won’t play on the world stage.

But what was the threat? Well Libya! Regime change! After Qaddafi signed off on his nuclear development, he was eventually overthrown and assassinated. So when our treasonous trio is on record over the past few days mentioning the Libya Model, the only thing Mr. Kim is sure of is he needs his nukes.

So these three incompetents, Vice President Michael Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Security Advisor John Bolton have subverted the summit. They have put our nation at great risk and undermined the efforts of our president.

The president should be the one showing anger and hostility and heads should be rolling in the West Wing.

They should all be tried for treason.

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