Did You Know Blogging Blue Is Written By a Hard Core Conservative?

Well, me either. Well until yesterday. I have a personal email address that I only use for my email subscriptions to publications and the White House email 1600 Daily.

But yesterday, I got a campaign contribution solicitation from none other than chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Rep. Devin Nunes (CA – R). Whoa!

Dear Ed,

The last FEC filing deadline before the California primary is just a few days away. My campaign needs to be ready.

Another month in the books as we continue to march on towards Election Day – which will be here in less than 200 days.

You’ve heard the term “blue wave” all over the biased media and social channels – extreme liberals want you to believe that it’s really happening.

In reality, conservatives are uniquely placed to solidify and fortify our majority in Congress thanks to the hard work of our conservative leaders and our fortitude in the face of the slanderous attacks coming from the far left.

I reject the notion that conservatives will roll over and allow extreme liberals to take the majority in Congress this year. I know that my colleagues and I – as well as conservative patriots across the country – are ready to stand firm in support of our values and ideals.

In order to stand and fight, we need you with us.

You are essential to the conservative movement, Ed. I need the support of strong conservatives like you to help spread my message.

While we’re approaching this crucial deadline, I need you to step up and join my team.

Taking on the liberal establishment and standing strong for our values is a huge undertaking, but I believe in our cause and I am willing to give my all for our community.

Are you with me? Please consider contributing today as we continue to fight and win.

This supposed “blue wave” will crumble to dust in the face of stalwart conservatives like you and me, Ed.

It’s time to defend not only our majority, but our values and goals for the future of our country as well. I’m glad to have you with me.

To victory,
Congressman Devin Nunes

I would like to know whose email list he bought. The only two that I would think from my inbox would be the White House or the Los Angeles Times. And neither of them would be able to identify me as conservative…so I’ll have to watch for future missives from my new conservative best friend forever!


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3 thoughts on “Did You Know Blogging Blue Is Written By a Hard Core Conservative?

  1. I am on the e-list for the Los Angeles Times, but I did not receive the Nunes solicitation.

    This suggests that the White House is the culprit (again).

  2. Now I am getting begging emails from Steve Scalise. Despite they are from their respective campaigns they are both actually coming from the same email service. So they might not actually know who’s on the list of they are hiring a third party,

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