Matt Flynn to sexual abuse survivor: “Knock it off”

This is both troubling and disgusting all at once.

Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor Matt Flynn denied any role in the transfer of sex abuser priests to new assignments within the Catholic church, comparing accusations against him to McCarthyism and telling a survivor of abuse to “knock it off.”

Flynn and Peter Isely, a founding member of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, had a heated, eight-minute exchange during a forum held in downtown Milwaukee on Tuesday, May 22.

Perhaps Matt Flynn wants to gloss over his role in both profiting from and protecting the Archdiocese of Milwaukee from claims made against it by survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of priests now that he’s running for governor, but his campaign seems to me to be fundamentally and irreparably damaged by his history of defending the Archdiocese.

Matt Flynn’s mere candidacy is an insult to those victims he defended the church against, and his leaving the gubernatorial race can’t come quick enough.


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