Trump: Doctor Doctor

We’ve all been entertained by the tales of President Donald Trump’s doctors this past few weeks. There are dozens of lurid and legal questions around the president’s relationship with Dr. Harold Bornstein and the supposed ‘raid’ on the good doctor’s offices by henchmen from the White House.

My one head scratching takeaway from the description of the ‘raid’. All of the president’s men apparently carted away were the president’s medical records including those kept under pseudonyms. So I guess I have to wonder why a doctor would use pseudonyms and what exactly he and his patient were hiding?


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3 thoughts on “Trump: Doctor Doctor

  1. Think they were hiding Addison’s disease? Maybe STD’s like Clinton? The doctor told press what pills Trump was taking.

    1. We’re not talking about JFK or Bill Clinton; we’re talking about Donald Trump. I know it’s hard but try to stay focused on the topic at hand.

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