What’s Goin’ On

It’s been kinda quiet around here lately. My fault, I’m being distracted by other things in life. That should be clearing up later this summer. At that point I was intending to update the site a bit and making other improvements. That’s still gonna happen…but first:

I will have to find a new hosting service for Blogging Blue. Our current host is retiring and shutting down in January 2019. And once I find a new host, we’ll have to get all of the cool stuff moved over and up and running. I am used to running IT projects, but I am not looking forward to this one. I’ll warn everyone here if there is going to be an outage.

Most of you know that we have a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Mostly just reposts of the articles originally posted here. But if any of you are fans of our old What We Are Reading feature, I link similar articles from the NY Times, Washington Post, The Economist, etc over there now.

And after the site move and updates, in fall I should be writing more! (fingers crossed).

Ed Heinzelman
Senior Editor


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