Why Is Paul Ryan Still Speaker of the House?

Some people think that Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan is bailing at the end of his term because he foresees the GOP losing the house…and he doesn’t want to be the minority leader. So I guess, if he has no faith in his party, why is his party still standing behind him as House Speaker?

Or do they want to protect the reputation of prospective speakers by leaving the lame duck in place?

Despite being in favor of Dreamers fairly recently, he’s doing everything in his power to prevent DACA legislation from reaching the house floor. Many members of his caucus have signed on to the DACA bill, so why aren’t they clamoring to change the speaker?

The Senate just passed a new net neutrality bill and the speaker is blocking it from reaching the house? Why would the GOP keep him on as speaker?

He’s supposedly an asset for campaign fund raising for house races around the country…but I can’t imagine a lame duck is really that effective. And if running, would you want to have his help when every GOP candidate is running to hug President Trump?

And he’s continually left the house exposed as a loony bin by failing to rein in my pen pal, Representative Devin Nunes.

So why is Paul Ryan still the Speaker of the House?

Or is he still in that position to the GOP can continue to muzzle him until next January? It would seem that he’s in the perfect position to finally speak his mind and say how he really feels about the president and how the president has taken over and sullied the Republican Party.


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2 thoughts on “Why Is Paul Ryan Still Speaker of the House?

  1. Good question for Ryan who currently does not have the balls or conscience to advance members’legislation which would reveal which members favor the blood dollars of the NRA or those who belive the lives of school children are more important!

    To use language even a child can undertand, Ryan is a political”fraidy cat.”

    IMO he is unconsionable betraying the basic life tenats of his faith belief!!

    Your defintion of Ryan’s action of lack thereof?

  2. While I agree there’s a very slight chance the Munster Brat may be having a token moral epiphany, I don’t think he will speak candidly until his aspirations to the White House go the way of his weaselly little buddy’s. Then only maybe.

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