Sensenbrenner Says Impeach IF

Before the brouhaha he created at the G-7 meeting in Canada or taking off for the summit in Singapore, President Donald Trump spent a good deal of time last week boasting about being able to pardon himself! [of course he doesn’t have to because he hasn’t done anything wrong…but he could!]

Some lawyers outside the White House say he can’t. Some lawyers inside the White House say he can. The GOP has been strangely quiet on the issue but two home state representatives suggest he not go that route!

House Speaker Paul Ryan said that President Trump should not pardon himself. “He shouldn’t, and no one is above the law”.

And Representative James Sensenbrenner said “I certainly would advise the president not to do it.” And he suggested that the president would be impeached if he did in fact, pardon himself.

So that’s the line that the president needs to cross for impeachment? What if the Russian issue ends up on the presidents door step? Or Mr. Jared Kushner’s? Or there is enough evidence for an obstruction of justice charge? Or?? Is a self pardon the only overstep that will bring Rep. Sensenbrenner to call for impeachment? I mean, after all, in order to pardon, one needs a crime to be pardoned for, oui?

btw: Rep. Sensenbrenner knows his way around a good impeachment…he was the House prosecutor during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment…way back in the day!


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