Trump Regime Engaged In International Terrorism.

This was in the back of mind for a while and it came up in a number of conversations and social media comments over the past several days.

But as we all should know by now, when families reach the border (whether legally or not) and request asylum because of conditions in their homelands, the children are removed from their parents. Some children are housed with foster families but as the number of children being ‘seized’ increases, they are being imprisoned in abandoned stores and soon in tent cities on military bases.

Talk about an absolute surrender of moral and ethical norms by a nation of law, by the party of family values, by the party of Christian compassion…by a government being run by international terrorists. (?).

It certainly isn’t being done for the welfare of the children. It isn’t being done for the welfare of the parents. It isn’t being done for the welfare of the families. It isn’t being done for the welfare of the United States. And it isn’t even being done to save money.

The president claims this is a Democratic law that he can’t change. It is in fact something that his regime has laid out and planned and implemented…something that Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to enjoy ‘enforcing’. Particularly when he constricts the definitions of what qualifies as valid reasons for asylum.

But every indication points to his regime’s determination to ‘deter’ families from trying to enter the United States by inhumane activities by OUR government. Actions that involve lies, force, violence, and cruelty to deter the actions and activities of another is the exact definition of terrorism. Since the Trump regime is using this against nationals of our neighbor and allied nations, this puts it into the realm of international terrorism.

And they are doing this in your name…and my name…and I can’t fathom why there is so little outcry in the USA. It feels to me like we are in violation of international human rights laws…it is just sickening.

And then there’s AG Sessions defense of this policy using the Bible. Ignoring the obvious violation of the separation of church and state, this is also a violation of Christian norms and tenets if you actually read the complete text he ‘quotes’. Are you serious? He could say that with a straight face? He can sleep at night (or does he have an Ambien jones?)?

Watch the Colbert video. Let your Senators and Representative know that immoral, inhumane, terrorist activities done in your name aren’t okay with you.


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