Trump: When will Clinton get over 2016 election?

Really? I think the president is the one fixated on his opponent and the outcome of the 2016 election! From his ‘rally’ in Fargo, North Dakota:

“Our opponent. Our wonderful opponent,” Trump told the crowd. “When is she going to get over it?”

The crowd then quickly broke into chants of “lock her up,” a staple of Trump’s 2016 campaign rallies.

At this point why would he even bring it up? I mean really?


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4 thoughts on “Trump: When will Clinton get over 2016 election?

    1. I am totally opposed to either Hillary or Bernie running in 2020. Or Joe Biden.

  1. So does your opposition to our former Secretary of State have its roots in something our President has currently said, or is it something else (i.e. you’re not insane)?

    1. I just think it’s time for some new blood and new ideas. Nothing more complicated than that. I am sorry Hillary wasn’t elected in 2016. I think she would make a very good president. But in 2020 we need to move on especially if the incumbent runs for re-election.

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