United States to Pull Out of UN Human Rights Council

There is some outlandish reasoning behind this but I wonder if it has anything to do with the US taking children from their parents at the Mexican border? Or with the Trump Regime’s dissatisfaction with UN condemnation of Israeli brutality in their occupied territories (btw: during the last few disturbances around the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, how many Palestinians died? How may Israelis?) {sarcasm}

But a rather antagonistic take from the Conservative Review:

The Trump administration may decide to depart from the highly corrupt United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), U.S. sources told Reuters.

“Diplomatic sources said it was not a question of if but of when the United States retreats from the Human Rights Council,” the Reuters report said, adding that a U.S. official said that withdrawal appeared to be “imminent.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to observers of the activities at the United Nations. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has threatened to leave the UNHRC on numerous occasions, often citing its “obsession” with the State of Israel, along with its institutional coziness with dictatorial regimes.

What is supposed to be a body that calls attention to human rights has instead been warped into a U.N. agency that provides cover for the atrocities committed by corrupt member states. Look no further than the UNHRC’s membership roster to understand why this body could never take a legitimate interest in defending human rights. Its current membership roster includes authoritarian states and Islamic supremacist regimes such as China, Cuba, Pakistan, Qatar, and Venezuela, among many others.

And it seems the only thing that these totalitarian UNHRC members can agree on is how much they hate Israel.

Too bad it isn’t cozy with a dictatorial regime like say…North Korea. Then every thing would be hunky dory, right?

Here…if you want another view…take a peek at the Independent:

And once again, like the Iran Treaty, when the Trump Regime doesn’t like something, instead of trying to fix it they just run away from it.

But the US “will have to be in the room” in order to make any significant change to the Council, Ms Dayal (Anjali Dayal, an international security professor at Fordham University) noted.

However, Ms Dayal said the US is not without “valid criticisms” of the body. There are “human rights abusers with seats on the Council,” Ms Dayal explained.

Possibly negotiating with UN leadership in New York may work. The US does have a chance to fix the issues “if they wanted to throw enough political weight behind the issue” but playing the “we’re going home because we can’t get what we want” card likely will not help reform efforts, which worries other countries on the Council who were counting on the weight of the US voice.

And if you want to world to stop adopting an anti-Israel posture…maybe help Israel fix their issues with the Palestinians instead of throwing another log in the fire?


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