Senator Johnson Sez Scott Pruitt weren’t his problem

This blog has been in draft status for a while and I was working on it since Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt was getting back in the news but while reading through my notes, the son of a gun resigns. That’s probably not the end of his saga but my original point wasn’t the misdeeds of Mr. Pruitt. Is was the calm nonchalance of Senator Ron Johnson saying that he wasn’t the senator’s problem:

Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said Friday that he’s “troubled” by ethics complaints against Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, but stopped short of calling for his resignation.

“Obviously, he’s got some real issues,” Johnson said. “I can’t explain what happens to people when they get in positions of power. It sounds like he’s had some problems dating back to his days in Oklahoma. It’s unfortunate.”

Asked if Pruitt should resign, Johnson said, “It’s not my call. It’s the administration’s call.”

Well, bullshit Senator Johnson! Although the executive branch, i.e. the president, appoints the members of the cabinet, the senate has to approve those appointments. And actually the senate makes big theater out of the hearings and the resultant voting. It’s that way because the legislative branch is a check and balance on the executive branch, correct?

So, yeah, if the secretary of a cabinet department is a complete jerk and fuckup, the senate needs to do something about it no matter what the president thinks. It’s their JOB!


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1 thought on “Senator Johnson Sez Scott Pruitt weren’t his problem

  1. El Rojo just needs to put a sock in it. It would be funnier if not so pathetic, the way he and Weasel Boy gotta open their traps about every little issue – as if the entire political community waits with bated breath for the next pearl of wisdom. At least Rojo is a US Senator in which case one might expect him to take a view on national issues. His blind allegiance to Party, however, negates any moral authority he might otherwise have. As for the little weasel, well, his job description is here in the state of Wisconsin. Both are nothing but embarrassments to our state.

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