Endorsements for Wisconsin’s August 14th Primary:

Just a quick few endorsements for this Tuesday’s August 14th partisan primaries:

A: Everyone who gets out and votes!

Democratic Gubernatorial Primary: Kelda Roys

Democratic Lt Governor Primary: Mandela Barnes

Democratic House of Representatives 1st District: Randy Bryce

Democratic Milwaukee County Sheriff: Earnell Lucas

Democratic Wisconsin Secretary of State: Arvina Martin


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2 thoughts on “Endorsements for Wisconsin’s August 14th Primary:

  1. Mine looks pretty similar, except I’d add Sarah Godlewski for Treasurer.

  2. I am supporting Matt Flynn for Governor because he will end Foxconn and put an end to similar deals in the future. He will also pardon all non violent marijuana offenders.

    When taking into consideration who is best on the debate stage with Walker, who is best at responding to the Republican smear campaign, and who would be a great negotiator, Flynn is great in all those areas.

    There are many events that a governor must or should go to unlike Governor Walker that never made a trip to Lincoln Hills. I hope that whoever the Democratic nomoniee is will uphold the oath of office to the people of the state of Wisconsin and will be someone that is not isolated to democratic circles the way Governor Walker has isolated himself to republican circles.

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