Medicare Should Be Allowed To Negotiate Drug Prices

and no this isn’t going to break the backs of the drug companies. As I stated in my rant last week about the recommendations to flush unused drugs down the toilet…I had outpatient surgery.

Besides an opioid for pain relief, I was also prescribed a generic antibiotic as a prophylactic measure against a post-op infection. My doctor called this prescription into my pharmacy of choice.

When I got there to pick it up I was told I could pay $5 for the three day supply if I used Medicare or $3 if I used the pharmacy’s discount card. That was kinda a no brainer. But why can’t Medicare be $3? So somehow the pharmacy was able to negotiate a better price!

And I realize $2 isn’t a big deal but I think there are like 55.5 million Medicare enrollees as of 2015…but if they all got one prescription each year at the higher price it starts to add up.


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