VIDEO: Brett Kavanaugh reminds me of someone….

As I watched disgraced conservative Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s angry, petulant testimony in the U.S. Senate today I couldn’t help but think he reminded me of someone.


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5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Brett Kavanaugh reminds me of someone….

    1. lol

      Of course you’d ignore the allegations he sexually assaulted multiple women.

      And putting aside the allegations, his behavior during yesterday’s hearing was disgraceful for someone who is supposed to be impartial, even keeled, and fit to serve on our nation’s highest court.

      You Trump supporters crack me up, because if this was a liberal Supreme Court nominee you’d be caterwauling about his unfitness to serve on the court.

  1. For the record, I did not ignore the allegations. I dismissed them outright. I guess I have more faith in the FBI to fully vet a Judge than thou.

    This supporter* did not caterwaul (good word!) when Justices Sotomayor and Kagan were nominated. I’d like to think I’ve never caterwauled, but that would not be true (I golf).

    *While I did for against Hillary in 2016 it was more of a hold your nose and pull the level type thing. President Trump was not my first choice. Or second. Or third. I’ll admit to being pleasantly surprised at his subsequent actions (as opposed to some of his over the top rhetoric). That being said, if you must label me as a supporter, I’ll accept the title. Though I would put an asterisk on that label.

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    1. No attribution as to your source or professional expertise, so is this merely straight plagiarism or a professional public service announcement? And even with that I’m not sure if you are referring to the behavior of the GOP followers or their leadership. Could you please enlighten readers.

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