Blogging Blue Hits The Big Time: Walker Campaign Advertises Here!

When I finished posting my reply to a recent comment by Nemo, the page refreshed with two ads from the Walker gubernatorial campaign. Thank you Governor Walker!!



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8 thoughts on “Blogging Blue Hits The Big Time: Walker Campaign Advertises Here!

  1. I’ve gotten this on my site, too. They clearly go off of keywords and throw money around carefree.

    The funniest ones are when they plant Foxconn GOPper-ganda on a post where I say “Foxconn is a crooked, idiotic scam.”

    It’s right up there with the billboards WMC is putting up for Vukmir that try to portray her as a nurse abd a decent human being, when we know she has been neither for nearly 20 years.

    1. I’m being amused by the internet ad for Vukmir that shows her sitting on a stool, in a tight red top that gives a hint of nipple, while she says something akin to, “You’ve got a lot of nerve, Senator Baldwin . . .” And its companion ad that shows her on ice skates, wearing skin tight jeans, boasting about what a super mom she is. When all else fails use your sexuality to sell the goods. Conclusion: Youthful hair style; decent bod; no substance. Reminds me of Palin.

    2. Speaking of Vukmir – wasn’t there some story, in the early days of the Weasel Regime, that hinted at an affair between her and Robin Vos? Wasn’t she going through a divorce at the time? Seems they were even photographed on a tryst together. I forget the details. Wouldn’t surprise me, though.

      1. You’re thinking of Michelle Litjens, another “family values” type who dumped her husband to form Wisconsin’s “ALEC/DeVos power couple” with Robbin’ Vos.

        1. Yeah, you’re right. I had the wrong moll in mind. After a while, the vermin all sort of run together.

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