Democrat Attorneys General: Are You Kidding Me?

From my email inbox this morning…a request from the Democratic Attorneys General Association:

A petition? To who? We have pretty much seen what each side is going to do in the vote for Judge Kavanaugh. Who exactly is going to give this petition any attention? This is the best use of our time and money to oppose this nomination at the eleventh hour?

Here’s the rest of the email:

Friends – Congress is racing to confirm Donald Trump’s extremist Supreme Court nominee, even as Senate Democrats expose Brett Kavanaugh for what he is, and no, he’s not a minivan-driving soccer dad.

Kavanaugh’s nomination has been dangerous from day one. During his confirmation hearing, he refused to say whether a president could be held accountable for crimes – no wonder he’s Trump’s pick! And his anti-choice record became crystal clear when Democrats released anti-Roe v. Wade documents that Trump and Mitch McConnell wanted to keep secret.

After last week’s testimony, it’s clearer than ever that Kavanaugh is unfit to serve on the Supreme Court. And the American people deserve to know the full truth behind recent assault allegations before his confirmation process can move any further.

But the final Senate vote is planned for TODAY. There’s still time to stop this, but it’s URGENT that we hear from 20,000 Democrats before midnight tonight. Add your name right away if you’re committed to protecting our democracy against attacks from Trump and his extremist SCOTUS pick:

(emphasis in the original)

Yesterday I was teasing the Trump/Pence 2020 Campaign for silliness in emails about the Kavanaugh vote. I’ll have to admit that the Democratic AGs here are just as clueless. The vote is scheduled for this afternoon, how exactly will having 20,000 signatures BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, have any value whatsoever…even if anyone who cared was going to look at this. I am assuming this is just another fundraising come on or name and address collection effort hiding behind ‘doing something’.

But really ladies and gentlemen. Can we spend our time and limited resources on actual actions that may be meaningful? A feel good adding my name to a questionable petition doesn’t accomplish much of anything. Can we focus on actually returning to power in Washington and state houses across the nation?

And for full disclosure…this final footnote from the email:


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  1. Most petitions are useless– they are often used as a fund raising gimmick. Fill out the petition…,”send” it…and you will instantly receive a response asking for money to help further the cause.

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