Dems: Get Your Campaign Sh*t Together. We Can’t Afford Anymore Losses.

I know that I have complained about this a number of times. But it just seems to getting worse. I will not be scared into contributing to your campaign. And the nonsense that the Democratic Party and the Democratic candidates is just getting more arcane week after week after. I have stopped contributing to campaigns that use scare tactics.

And now they’ve started putting MY name in the from portion of the email solicitations. This is just plain stupid. Send me an email asking for money, tell me who the flock you are upfront. Guess what? The one’s I get from the Trump/Pence 2020 campaign tell me who they are.

Anywhere, exhibit A from today’s email:

Trump Just Collapsed? WTF? Here’s the text that went with it. What the hell does the headline mean in comparison to the solicitation text?


This can’t be happening to us now.

This morning, Republicans rushed a last-minute $1 MILLION to win the House.

Then, for the first time in MONTHS, analysts just predicted Republicans could actually win.

Now, we’re going on the ATTACK and launching our largest voter turnout rescue operation in Democratic HISTORY. We need 7,982 gifts before midnight to fund it. >>

Edward, this historic plan WILL work.

It WILL turn out more Democratic voters than ANYONE thought possible.

It WILL help us win and SAVE President Obama’s legacy.

But ONLY if we can fully fund it by midnight and launch it TOMORROW.

We’re running out of time to respond. Will you step up with $1?

Paid for by the DCCC | 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 | (202) 863-1500 | | Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

They did not pry any George Washingtons from my hand with this one!


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1 thought on “Dems: Get Your Campaign Sh*t Together. We Can’t Afford Anymore Losses.

  1. The DCCC has been on unsubscribe for years for me. Just clueless DC consultant dopes who lose elections.

    Fear-based appeals are almost always an automatic “unsubscribe.” If you donate money and are interested in Dem politics, why would you need that crap to be motivated? We’re not AM radio-listening GOP weaklings hiding in our basements.

    Always donate local and/or directly to candidates. DC Dems are horrible and are not worthy of help.

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