More Proof That Political Discourse Is Completely Off The Rails

Last night I wrote a brief post about the Republican field office in Florida that had it’s window shot out overnight Sunday night to Monday morning. That was a violent act that should never have happened and again I hope whoever is responsible will be quickly brought to justice. And again I am thankful that no one was hurt.

But in this separate post, I need to call to task one of the Florida Republicans who responded for the article:

Tony Ledbetter, chairman of the Volusia County Republican Party, told The Post that he blamed Democrats for the shooting at the office.

“That’s the only people who would do this,” he said without offering proof. “The sick Democrats.”

This attitude is totally not helpful. We just went through a week of violent acts aimed at political opponents of the president. We just went through several days of mourning the deaths of innocent people who were killed because of their faith.

This rhetoric is totally uncalled for no matter how mad or upset you are. OTOH: considering the role model you have in the White House, I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised. I think Mr. Ledbetter should step down from his party chair position. Cooler heads need to prevail!


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