NO President Trump: Places of Worship Shouldn’t Need Armed Guards!

Following the latest hate crime, domestic terrorist attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh that has left at least ten dead as of this writing and numerous other people wounded…our president suggested that THEY bring back the death penalty, THEY toughen laws, THEY, THEY, THEY…something has to be done.

You’re the god damned President of the United States…you’re the one who can do something! And yes we should have better gun laws. And yes we need better mental health services. And no we don’t need stronger death penalties or faster trials. That shit all occurs AFTER a tragedy. We need to do things that will PREVENT them.

And no, we should never never ever have to arm or fortify America’s places of worship.

And those statements of yours about doing something about HATE! Look in the mirror you stupid fool…you are the Wacko…you are the Madman. The HATE is coming from your mouth.

There was another CBS video I wanted to post but it’s restricted. But the president babbled on about what a shame this is, how awful hate is, how they should have had ‘protection’ in the synagogue, and of course we don’t need more ‘gun laws’.


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