Robin Vos Thinks Bryan Steil Is Just A Regular Guy

What neighborhood is he hanging out in?

Bryan Steil is the Republican candidate to replace US Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin First Congressional District. He is opposed by iron worker Democrat Randy Bryce, aka: Ironstache.

Besides being a union iron worker, Mr. Bryce is also a US Army veteran and a cancer survivor. Sounds like a regular guy.

Mr. Steil is from a prominent Janesville family and at one time was on the staff of Speaker Ryan. He is an attorney for a local manufacturing company and is on the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents. Regular guy? How many of you know members of the Board of Regents or attorneys at big companies or staff members of congressional leaders?

But Wisconsin’s own Representative Robin Vos says he’s just a regular guy!

State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said Steil is a better fit for the district, which includes farmland, cities such as Janesville, and some Milwaukee suburbs.

Vos described Steil as “kind of a normal, everyday person from Wisconsin.”

“He’s not pretentious, he doesn’t walk around with a chip on his shoulder,” Vos said. “He certainly doesn’t come across as some kind of a right-wing ideologue where he’s got a laundry list of things that he wants to do to advance a right-wing agenda.”

Did you catch this one? “He certainly doesn’t come across as some kind of a right-wing ideologue…” Then why the hell would the Republican party have put him out there and why are they supporting him now? Coming out of Speaker Ryan’s office you can bet he’s a right-wing ideologue right down to his shiny new right-wingtips.

And a lawyer for a manufacturer is a best fit for farmlands and small cities and Milwaukee county? That’s a pretty diverse mix that any political figure would have a hard time satisfying.

Dream on Rep. Vos…but of course it is the season and the era of prevarication!


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