Does Governor Elect Tony Evers Have A Mandate?

Well…no I guess not. He didn’t even pull 50% of the vote much less crush incumbent Scott Walker. So when Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald say he lacks a mandate as the transition gets underway…they are correct.

BUT…the GOP lawmakers who retained control of the legislature after November 6, 2018 would be ill advised to ignore the result. It is obvious that the entire state is concerned about the state of public education and state financial support of school systems. And that they aren’t buying anyone, even the governor, rebranding themselves as ‘education’ whatever after years of systemic neglect.

And even the governor had to retrace his steps on health insurance and pre-existing conditions. The GOP should realize that one of the common ground issues they should discover with the new governor in January is the expansion of Medicaid under the rules of the Affordable Care Act and drop Wisconsin’s support of the ACA lawsuit.

And this one should be easy since many legislators were already in favor of this although unwilling to face down Governor Walker. But an increase to the gas tax to finally start repairs and upgrades of roads and highway infrastructure that have been deferred or ignored the past eight years. The state constituency is ready to fix the Scotholes.

Second answer…well maybe he did. Proof? It didn’t take Rep. Vos or Sen. Fitzgerald 24 hours to start talking about reducing the powers and authority of the incoming governor. Flat out brazen power grabs that could bite back at them in 2020 if they don’t chill on this. They are running scared of Mr. Evers!


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