President Trump Bails On American War Heroes.

There are things that we expect our presidents to do regardless of the inconvenience or discomfort they may feel. Attending a memorial and wreath laying at an American War Cemetery in inclement weather is one of those things. Particularly on the centenary of the end of World War I. The war to end all wars.

But because of the weather, the president decided that his attendance wasn’t required.

President Donald Trump canceled a trip to a U.S. military cemetery in France because of bad weather, CNN reported.

Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were scheduled to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial, which commemorates World War I soldiers, on Saturday.

CNN reported that a White House statement said the visit was “canceled due to scheduling and logistical difficulties caused by the weather. An American delegation led by Chief of Staff General John Kelly and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joe Dunford will attend on their behalf.”

So there you go…when the going gets tough…send in the military! (sarcasm).

This is a man who shouts long and hard about how he respects the troops. Ran on a platform of support for our veterans. He can’t stand a little rain? He can afford the best and warmest clothes. He can afford the best and driest rain gear. He can have any number of people hold an umbrella for him. He can afford a dry change of clothes the moment the ceremony concludes.

But he can’t afford the time or discomfort to honor American war dead? This is one of the main reasons he made this trip to France.

Too bad he didn’t have Gene Kelly with him instead of John Kelly (humor).

Maybe someone should have shown him this photo and he may have made a different decision:


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