The Education Governor Left Wisconsin School Districts Out In The Cold

Ever since his early budget cuts out of Madison that reduced revenue sharing for Wisconsin school districts, the self titled Education Governor has been touting the money he partially put back into his budgets. Yet it left Wisconsin public schools short.

Then he took more money out of their budgets and handed it to private school operators in the form of vouchers.

And then somewhere in the middle of all of this, Governor Scott Walker capped the property tax levies for schools systems…making it hard to exceptionally difficult to replace the funds for their budgets that the Republicans in Madison had taken away.

So they resorted to using one of the tools that the governor claimed to have given them to work out their budget shortfalls. And when too many of them ran to referenda…the Republicans added even more restrictions to them

And now we have the 2018 Mid-term elections just hours away…and once again public school districts are seeking additional funds for public education using local referendas. To the tune of $1.4 billion. A total of 61 Wisconsin public school districts. The very ones that Governor Walker took state funds from and then capped their tax levies and hamstrung their operations. And another point of contention where Madison reduced local control over their own school systems.

And most of those schools are in rural areas of the state. The areas that have supported the governor in the past. But they may be hard pressed to support him going forward as they are totally aware that Scott Walker is NOT the Education Governor. And that Tony Evers most likely, will be!


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