Whither Blogging Blue: We are upgraded!

The latest version of the WordPress software has been installed. The main changes are behind the scenes…the biggest changes affect the editor that I use to write blog content. I am not sure I like it…will play with it a bit this week before I consider rolling back to the previous editor.

A number of new templates for the pages are also available, but I have no intention to make any of those changes without some consideration, testing and maybe input from some techies!

This line is just a test of the new quote feature!

whoops they’ve hidden my tags. not fair!!


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3 thoughts on “Whither Blogging Blue: We are upgraded!

  1. For whatever it is worth the new WordPress editor is not–in my opinion–anything to be desired. Perhaps I am wedded to what I have used for 12 years, and perhaps the new editor is more designed for the the 20-something way of using such a platform. But I like the more hands on way of what I currently use. Whatever you decide have fun and keep fighting the needed battles. All the best to you.

    1. I don’t disagree on first look. Having been in IT, I get that change is going to be a consistent. I am going to give it a while to be fair about it but I may revert to the old editor. And thanks for sharing your experience!!

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