Governor Walker Sinks To Trumpian Lows In Defense Of Lame Duck Moves

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

(Governor Scott) Walker signaled he supports the plan offered by Republican legislative leaders that provides more power to the Legislature over spending and legal decisions, among other things, and removes authority from Gov.-elect Tony Evers and incoming Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul.

“I actually think if you look at much of what they’re talking about is codifying practice,” Walker told reporters after a menorah lighting ceremony at the Executive Residence.

“Much of what we did over the last eight years is work with the Legislature, not at odds with the Legislature,” he said. “For all the talk about reining in power, it really doesn’t.”

“For all the talk about reining in power, it really doesn’t.” Really? Then why is the legislature in such a big hurry to pass this bill(s) which have had very little light of day and even littler debate…all within 24 – 48 hours. If it really doesn’t why can’t we save it to the next session that starts in January? Once again we think the governor dost protest too much!

“These are debates that you could have had a year ago. They’re happening today —- that’s because members of the Legislature were elected not on a term that ended on Election Day, they were elected in a term that ends in January just like my term ends in January,” Walker said. “And so we are going to look at things just like people expect us to serve a full four-year term.”

Yes they could have been debated a year ago…but incredibly were not! And they could be debated in January but someone can’t wait. And yes their term like the governor’s doesn’t end until January…but it is unusual to have an extra lame duck session…the only reason they are ‘debating’ (for lack of a better word given the GOP majority) it now is because…yes…the governor’s term ends in January.

And here we have another example of the Republicans announcing one thing (the bill to support keeping a Kimberly-Clark plant in Wisconsin) and then focusing on something entirely different. And nobody but nobody ran on these issues.

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