UN Wants To Investigate The Deaths of Refugee Children In US Cus.tody

This has been in the back of my mind for a while now. First why isn’t the UN involved in helping migrants and refugees in the Americas? And why aren’t there any complaints before the UN General Assembly about US handling of refugees? And will the UN sanction or investigate the US eventually?

Well, the UN is finally woke: UN official calls for an independent investigation into deaths of migrant children in US custody

“When a person, especially a child, is in the custody of a state, that state has to ensure their rights,” Felipe González Morales, the UN’s special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, told The Guardian. “States have an obligation to care for migrants who arrive at the border, they cannot treat them as animals in inhuman conditions. I’m not saying this happened in this case, but the US has a duty in this regard.”

González wants a full independent inquiry into the young girl’s death as well as an immediate cessation of all migrant child detention, which he claims will prevent more deaths.

“Detention of children has such a severe impact on them that we have repeatedly warned of the risks,” González told The Guardian. He also emphasized to the publication that the Trump administration could not be entrusted to look into the matter on its own.

So now I envision a whole new round of declared victimhood pouring from the White House and a tweet storm from the resident bully over how the UN is picking on ‘us’. Sigh…


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