Guess Whose Fault It Is That Foxconn is being Foxcon?

Apparently the new governor who hasn’t even been in office for a month. Go Figure! The Republicans in Madison have learned the Trumpian diversion move to a T!

Come on guys…you need to sit down and shut up…if you aren’t going to own your own mistake:

Republican leaders of the state Legislature are blaming Democratic Gov. Tony Evers following a news report indicating Foxconn may drop its plans to build a manufacturing facility in Racine County.  

“We don’t blame Foxconn for altering plans in an ever-changing technology business. It’s also not surprising Foxconn would rethink building a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin under the Evers Administration,” Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said in a joint statement about the company’s plans.

The Taiwanese tech giant will likely hire mostly engineers and researchers rather than the manufacturing workforce the project originally promised in a contract that provides the company about $3 billion in taxpayer-funded subsidies in exchange for a $10 billion facility and up to 13,000 jobs, according to a report Wednesday by Reuters.

Though Foxconn official Louis Woo told Reuters the company had concerns about the steep cost of making advanced TV screens in the United States, where labor expenses are comparatively high, the Republican leaders said, “the company is reacting to the wave of economic uncertainty” brought by Evers. 

Oh wait…wasn’t there something in the laws from the Lame Duck Sessions that prevented Governor Tony Evers from interfering with the Foxconn con?


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