Raise The Damn Gas Tax Already…redux

Long time readers know that I have been a proponent of raising the gasoline tax in Wisconsin for a few years now. And really, there is no time like the present to pursue it again. The new governor, Tony Evers, is willing to consider it while being firmly against additional borrowing for highways…something that the former governor relied on to balance the highway portion of his budgets.

And in the past a number of Republicans in the legislature have favored gas tax increases as well. So certainly this would be one of the first bipartisan efforts for the new year…right? Well I hope so.

And it’s a perfect time. Gasoline is at record lows…this morning it was still $1.97 in my neighborhood…an additional 10 or 15 cents would hardly be an imposition…barely a blip in my budget. Let’s go for it…Ladies and Gentlemen…start your engines!


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