Well, Chaz Who?

Over the past few months I have been averaging about 3 emails a week from Raj Shukla who is running for mayor of Madison. That’s cool. They’ve all come from team@rajshukla.com and are signed simply, Raj. They are typical campaign emails….putting out policy, asking for participation in questionnaires, and of course links to fundraising sites. Like I said pretty standard stuff.

Well, until last night when I got one from Chaz…still refers back as team@rajshukla…but with the headline this weekend and the opening line:
I wanted to introduce myself: I’m Chaz, the field organizer for Raj’s campaign.

And then it goes on with a typical request for a donation to candidate Shukla’s campaign…and finally…signed out Chaz!

Well CHAZ WHO? You said you wanted to introduce yourself but I still have no idea who you are. A first name and campaign role, yes, but a real person on the campaign with a first and last name? Nope.

Yes I agree this is a minor quibble…sort of. But who a candidate selects to run his or her campaign can be as enlightening has policy positions, stump speeches or debate appearances. Are these quality solid people? What is their background? Will we seem them working in the mayoral office come election day? Well you get the idea.

And every hot link on the email took me to Actblue….nothing for the candidates actual website. That url I had to cut and paste from the bottom of the email into a browser tab. I will save you that effort here: www.rajshukla.com

And I couldn’t find a search button on Mr. Shukla’s page so I coudn’t search for more info on Chaz.

And every time I clicked to select a page, I got a huge pop up requesting that I donate…hey I get it…I am on a campaign page…that big red donate button in the upper right hand corner is enough already!!!!

I haven’t anything against Mr. Shukla. I haven’t weighed in on the Madison mayoral contest and may not. I am just trying to ask ALL Democratic candidates for transparency in their communications. All staff should be fully identified. Asking for donations is critical but overkill turns people off…even committed activists like myself. And do everything in your power to make your campaign websites clean, clear and usable! It will make life easier for you too!!


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