Senator Bernie Sanders Is Running For President in 2020.

Along with seemingly every Democratic elected official over the age of 35. And so far it’s been a positive race…everyone trying to get out their message…not one Democrat has attacked any of their opponents…so far.

So wait for it…about an hour after Senator Sanders (I-VT) announced his intentions, my Facebook timeline had a post from a Sanders supporter suggesting that the rest of the field should withdraw now.

Other comments stated that they were being posted to irk the Hillary supporters.

Look. I am glad that Senator Sanders has entered the fray. He has views and positions that need to be voiced. But I hope we can run an awesome, fact filled, position defining race in 2020. That goes for ALL of the Democrats running. We don’t need to re-hash 2016. We don’t have time for that. We shouldn’t be wasting our time on that. Let’s concentrate on winning in 2020.


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