Sheltering In Place: Day Two of the National Emergency

I hope you are all well…have sufficient provisions on hand…and have power and internet connection so you can keep up with the latest developments in our national emergency! Waiting for today’s presdential golf score (whoops forgot…that’s a national secret)…he already took a swing at the free press…that was a total miss and the ball was left on the tee.

Actually I am sheltering in place because it’s snowing again! Trying to decide my strategy in when to get out the shovel. I wish there was a Packers game this afternoon…no I don’t want to watch it…I just want the idiots off the snowy roads so I can head over to the store because I am running low on eggs, milk, bread, and Rice Krispies…


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1 thought on “Sheltering In Place: Day Two of the National Emergency

  1. Love your headline. Woke up and turned on the computer and your blog post title was the first thing that filtered up in my email. It made for an instant smile. So, thanks. Have a nice day. Snowy here in Madison, but it sure is making for a nice scene outside. Have a nice day. And Be Safe! Lol.

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