Thumbs Up For Sensenbrenner and Gallagher!

The House passed the resolution to shut down President Tump’s wall National Emergency by a vote of 245-182 with 13 GOP votes. Surprisingly and thankfully two of them were Wisconsin Representative Jim Sensenbrenner and Representative Mike Gallagher were two of those GOP yes votes!

Sensenbrenner is a former House judiciary chairman and the second-longest serving member of the House.

He issued a statement Tuesday criticizing Democrats for not supporting more wall funding, but saying:  
“It is imperative that no administration, Republican or Democratic, circumvent the will of Congress. Previous presidents have used the authority granted under the National Emergencies Act for matters of which Congress would have supported, but could not do so quickly enough. They did not invoke the authority to subvert the will of Congress …  
This national emergency declaration does not fall within that broad category, and if gone unchallenged, sets a dangerous precedent which will undoubtedly be exploited by future administrations.”

Gallagher said in a statement that he supported Trump’s request to Congress for border wall funding but that, “How we achieve our preferred policies matters just as much as the policies themselves. Conservatives didn’t like it when President Obama did everything through Executive action, and we can’t continue to expand executive authority just because our party now controls the White House.  Major policy decisions, whether on border security, climate change, gun control or any other important issue, should be made by the People’s elected representatives in the most accountable branch of government.” 

So kudos gentlemen. Thank you!!!

But the rest of our GOP reps weren’t quite so protective of the Constitution:

Wisconsin’s other three House Republicans — Bryan Steil, Sean Duffy and Glenn Grothman – voted against the resolution to terminate the declaration of emergency.


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